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The Personal Storage Service

It is a good helper in your life and a good steward of your personal belongings

Clothings & Seasonal

Stamps & Collectional Items, Paintings, Books

Handbags, Shoes & Leather Accessories

Golf Clubs, Ski Kits
Sports & Outdoor Gears

Relocations & Renovation Needs

Children Growth Footprints, Clothes, Toys & Dolls

All Kinds Of Sweet Marks On The Road Of Love

Personal Exclusive Private Space
Documents & Articles Kept

The Family Spiritual Inheritance Items

Comics, Figures
Garage Kit & Models

Excellent Service
The items to be stored have not been removed yet? Missing important details? Will the weather situation be hindered on the day of the relocation?

Safety & Trusty

Our services will make your peace of mind

1SECOM Security System

2Super Strength Physical Lock

3SECOM Security Patrol Team

4High Definition Security Video Camera

5Smart Card + Fingerprint Dual Identity System

6Independent Individual Authorization

Our advantage
Think of the details you want to clean up all your worries

Supervision of transportation site

Professional space planning

Stack protection

Support for
remote storage

Control and management of temperature and humidity

SECOM security system

Aboveground storage - non - basement

Business process management

SAP management

Hongkong Storage professional management