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  • Professional storage consultant

    How to effectively use space to reduce storage costs? What are the taboos of the storage of different items? How to ensure that the storage is perfect? Let professional storage consultant worry about you!

  • Supervision of transportation site

    Ensure the safe, intactness and efficient arrival of goods in the warehouse.

  • Free space planning

    Professional advisors plan storage space for you, maximize the use of space, and get the convenience of access when you save money.

  • Stack protection

    No matter in transit or storage, stacking protection ensures that your storage is intact.

  • Remote storage

    No time? It doesn't matter. We provide you with remote storage service, door-to-door collection, transportation protection, terminal storage, and storage status Photo Report. Ease and ease.

  • Precise temperature and humidity control

    Keep the balance between temperature and humidity and store your articles better.