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  • V I S I O N

    We want to see busy urbanites having more time to enjoy life
    And more space to cherish what they own.

  • M I S S I O N

    To provide pleasant, friendly and unique services for our customers’ enjoyment.


  • Be faithful and no tolerance to dishonesty.
  • To win customers’ trust and heart with professional and responsible attitude.
  • To bring team spirit into full play and to fill in the workplace
    with sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.
  • To embrace self-enhancement and to groom the team for success.
  • Be positive to criticism and dynamic to changes in
    accordance with the vision, mission and values.
  • Be prudent and yet flexible in control and deployment
    of company resources to raise profitability.
  • To embrace positive attitude towards life.
  • Be empathetic to others, and bearing in mind always our corporate social responsibility while pursuing profits.