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Good World Storage

The Best-in-class Storage Service Brand from Hong Kong

Good World Storage (GWS) is originated from Hong Kong and it is an international brand of Hongkong Storage, the company has entered the Mainland China market since 2015, with its China Regional Office and 1st branch established in Shanghai. Good World Storage is directly managed by the dedicated team from Hongkong Storage, aimed to provide professional, reliable and quality storage services to both Corporate Customers and Personal Customers in the Mainland China. The services for Corporate Customers are Document and Records Storage Management, High Value Parts and Commodities Storage, Canned Foods Storage, Tea Leaf Storage and etc,. Services for the Personal Customers are Self Storage (Mini-Storage) and Remote Support Storage, which includes various size selections of storage rooms and cabinets for the family or individual users.

Hongkong Storage, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), has over the years worked on strengthening its service quality, providing innovative storage services in the light of the customers’ demand, equipping with the most advanced management skills and the “SAP” management system, building up its teams of professional management and customer services, performing the corporate social responsibilities. Hongkong Storage has obtained numerous excellent quality service awards, public recognitions and accolades from several evaluation institutions as well as customers. At the end of 2017, Hongkong Storage has branch stores covering all major HKSAR districts, and manages facilities with size over 3 million cubic feet. According to the market research report issued by the City University of Hong Kong recently, over 90% of the customers responded with comments of “Satisfactory” or “Very Satisfactory” to the services provided by Hongkong Storage.

Good World Storage is the member of the Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA). The mission of SSAA is to grow a healthy Self Storage (Mini-Storage) industry in Asia and raise awareness of this among governments, end users, operators and investors. SSAA has set tailored regional standards and ensure the members to meet these important benchmarks.

Over the years, the group has won numerous awards, and in 2015, it won the high quality customer service award of the ten large and medium sized enterprises in Hongkong, and the quality service plan certification of Q mark issued by the Hongkong quality marking Bureau. This is the first choice and confidence guarantee of the customer's storage.

Customer trust stems from our insistence on details. Therefore, we attach great importance to every detail of the operation and service of the company. The directors of the group will lead the team to Shanghai, and strive to improve the service standards and innovation, including the continuous optimization of the mini warehouse facilities and service design, which fully embodies the adherence and attention of the company management to the quality of service.

The group is now a member of the SSAA, which is responsible for the management of more than 40 Mini stores. With the experience of professional storage management and the keen sense of land supply and demand, with the favorable conditions of the high-speed development of the global Mini barn industry, the mini barn market in different countries and regions will be entered into the international market in the next 10 years.

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    Over 20 years of service management experience

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    More than 40 service stores in the Asia Pacific

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    Received 5 prestigious certification awards

In 2015, the Chinese mainland Mini storehouse was formally developed and the general office of China was set up in the Shanghai free trade area to bring the high quality mini barn business to the vast number of Chinese users. The mini warehouse meets the needs of modern enterprise's text file management, and also meets the needs of city people to pursue a better life.

In fact, in the US and the Asia Pacific developed areas, the mini warehouse business has already developed vigorously. China is the most economically active region in the world in twenty-first Century and has a fast growing middle class consumer group, so the development prospect of the mini barn market is extremely wide.

The company plans to set up branches in the main cities of China in the next few years and build a service network. We sincerely welcome the units or people who have the intention to cooperate with us and contact the head of the Chinese mainland business.